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An ExecuCorpGlobal company, under ExecuCorpGlobalServices, we provide convenience to various service providers by letting them advertise their products to our readers which may include businesses, their employees, and travelers.

We at “ExecuCorpGlobal” are geared to the business world by providing solutions and services to businesses and organizations either in an existing or startup mode, domestic and global, from levels of executive corporate, general management, technical support, marketing, to the traveling staff.  We offer information, news service, marketing, and support on various levels and genres.  Feel free to browse our services as they come on-line.  When requested to, we will meet with you, review your present business structure, CRM processes and submit possible enhancements for potential improved profit margins and increased ROI ratios.

Note:  For your information, Execucorp and are NOT part of our company and are in NO WAY related to “ExecuCorpGlobal” or its affiliates.



We at “ExecuCorpMarketing” under “ExecuCorpGlobalServices” which is an “ExecuCorpGlobal” company, provide the following services to our readers and visitors:

           ExecuCorpMarketing     Providing various types of Business solutions of multiple                       kinds for businesses, industry, travelers, and private citizens having businesses.

Here is one of the marketing presentation, we have created multiple years back, for the restaurant industry.  As you will see it was developed for a business which specialized in startup diners, take out food shops, to fully mature restaurants.  It was created two fold, 1) to drive business to them in order to improve their ROI (Return on Investment), and 2) to have an easy way to have repeat/new customers find them as the potential clientele was in travel.  A demonstration follows when you <click here> of how this worked (Note: this presentation was created years ago for a company that may no longer exist under the same management. Also the listed menus and restaurant addresses, actual restaurants, or names may have changed as described in this presentation older presentation.  Please confirm existence of the listed information in this presentation.  ExecuCorpGlobal and or its subsidiaries are not held responsible for information change as applied to the viewed presentation).  

Please feel free to contact us and have us evaluate how we might be of service to you related to our marketing capabilities either via a presentation or advertising on our website.  


As time progresses, we will also incorporate various discussion blogs under the ExecuCorpGlobalServices  affiliates to better serve the visiting users with up to date discussions and referrals of the advertisers and or advertisers affiliates.

It will be our pleasure to serve you and keep you informed through the internet.  If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us via Email or by phone, we look forward hearing from you.



Karl B. Kuempel, President and CEO

ExecuCorpGlobal and its organizations

Please Note, we at ExecuCorpGlobal and its organizations collect information through magazines, internet and other sources, which may or may not have been confirmed through our personnel directly, thus if information is incorrect, please inform us so that we can relist it in the future.  We appreciate the opportunity of sharing information with to keep you informed.  Also, we are not responsible for any displayed information by the advertisers.  We do initially monitor advertised information for content and review initially advertised products to only include only acceptable advertisements that fit our genre of provided services under ExecuCorpGlobal.

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